Our name, Hinika, is inspired by the Japanese term ‘itsuno hinika’, roughly translated into english as ‘someday.’ It is a positive reminder to continue looking forward, ever hopeful, ever curious and constantly striving to create a more beautiful world. To never stop dreaming.

We approach our designs with a feeling of restlessness. An enthusiasm to create something new, something different yet something you feel instantly comfortable with. An item you will cherish.

We see that every object has a character or feeling attached to it. We all impart our own feelings onto these objects through our shared history as well as our individual experiences. A wooden chair is simply a wooden chair, but each of us will see that chair in a different light based on how we may have experienced it before. Our aim is to understand these types of relationships that people share with such personal objects and to enhance that experience with unique designs that bring about exciting new encounters.

Hinika takes pride in creating objects that are fresh and full of character. Each one carries with it, it’s own personal story, that continues to mature as you combine it with your own.

We hope that you enjoy our products and that Someday soon you will share a part of our Hinika story.